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We are used to the fact that Lofts are the hallmark of New York or San Francisco. However, in Miami, this type of housing featuring incredibly high ceilings, unfinished brick walls, wiring and air conditioning in full view and huge windows is very popular.

Lofts can be found in Miami Art District, Wynwood, South Beach, Downtown Miami, North Bay Village and even Sunny Isles.

Since the early 2000s, the loft market has experienced a significant upswing here. At first, individual boutique buildings stood out against the general background of apartment buildings. They all differed with the concept of a simple and maximally open and untreated space and were located in South Beach.

Later, lofts started decorating the city’s Meridian and Collins Avenue left and right… Most of the buildings of this concept were built from scratch, but some lofts are former apartment buildings, shops, and even former synagogues, such as Lunamar Lofts and Nalobi, converted to the new style. One of the developers managed to turn even the former telephone company into a loft. Now these are the so-called industrial lofts on Lenox Avenue. Whole districts have been converted from former industrial to residential in the new growing city precisely in order to adapt the outdated purpose for the new use, to give a second life.
Buildings such as Park Lofts, Wynwood Lofts and Synergy were built from former warehouses, retaining some specific features and making them more suitable for housing rather than production. For example, the same double-height ceilings, open space without partitions, rough brick walls, huge windows and open bathrooms – all these have become an attribute of the Loft style.

If you are a lover of simple concepts, straightforward yet practical materials and open space, the loft is the perfect solution for your Miami housing needs!

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