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A condo or apartment is Miami’s hallmark. Especially the one right on the coast overlooking the ocean, palm trees and sun-drenched coastline.
Condos in Miami abound with the widest choice in terms of design, location, additional services provided by the association managing the complex, and, of course, prices. For those unpretentious who prefer to come from time to time themselves and in the intervals to rent and make a profit – an apartment will be the best option. Separate complexes provide an opportunity to rent out apartments on a per-day basis.

For those who would like to have not only ocean views, but also a boat dock, there are special options with parking and service for a boat.

Many complexes are built in such a way that you can visit a spa, gym, cafe and even a bank without leaving the building. Everything is in one condo.

In addition to investment attractiveness, an apartment in Miami is also valued for the fact that it does not require such complex and expensive maintenance as a house. There is no need to mow the grass and attend to the plantings. Cleaning of halls, garbage, repair of elevators - everything is done by the company.

For special connoisseurs of the life in a condo with elements of the own house, there is an option of a condo-townhouse (a house with a common wall with neighbors), which retains the elements of the life in a house, with stairs and gardens, for example, but leaves the concerns of cleaning the territory and common elements (parking, external lighting) to the association.

In general, for the most discerning taste and for every budget – from a small studio to a penthouse occupying an entire floor – there are apartments in Miami for everyone!

Anastasiia  is your guide to real estate of any price category in Miami and its suburbs.
She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley; an experienced realtor specializing in luxury, investment residential and commercial real estate for purchase, sale, management and leasing of all types. She is a big fan of an active lifestyle and travel. She knows every corner of the city and will help you find exactly what YOU are looking for! If you want a piece of the sea for holidays or to move to the sunny state for good, this is the place for you!

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