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Art Deco

For those who prefer the bright and extravagant
Miami Art Deco is not just an architectural style, it’s one of the largest and most popular districts of the city, which has hundreds of hotels, apartments, and houses built from 1923 to 1943. The entire history of the pre-war, building up and just starting to develop Miami is there.

Of course, by now, most of the buildings have been renovated in a more contemporary style, however, they have retained the spirit and all the uniqueness of this genre.

Art Deco is the most unusual, vibrant and unique style of real estate, which includes elements of the city, art and the surrounding nature. Architects used various elements, enhancing the effects of the tropics in the stone ornamental city, flora and fauna, and the ocean landscape to emphasize Miami’s distinctiveness as a resort city. All this is tropical Art Deco.
Miami Modern is another trend of this style, which became popular in the 1950s under the influence of global architectural trends. New elements were added to the tropical ones - experiments with the shapes of roofs, mosaics on the walls and patios, open balconies and tiled walkways. Asymmetry, futurism of forms of landscape design, doors and balconies, the use of bright colors, new metal combinations of aluminum and copper - all these are the elements of the new trend.

The revival of the Mediterranean traditions is another trend in Art Deco, which is characterized by the use of decorative columns, windows in the form of arches, clay roofs, walls made of crude clay, wrought iron for gates and fences, etc. These trends have won recognition and popularity and are in demand in many architectural experiments to this day.

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